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Ski Lessons in Patagonia Argentina

Exclusive and Premium ski lessons on different top-level ski resorts around the world: the U.S., Italy, Switzerland, and Argentina. Providing a safe and successful learning experience, my main focus is to help you to be better on the hills and enjoy the alpine environment to the best of your abilities. Tailored programs specifically designed to meet your personal needs and achieve your goals.

About Me

I am a Medical Doctor (PhD) & Professional Ski Instructor, with more than 15 years of experience. I’m passionate about top-level skiing and how to teach it.
I speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
I live in El Bolsón, Patagonia Argentina, but I travel around the world often, skiing and training/teaching!

Ski Week 2024 

Ski vacations in Bariloche or El Bolsón, Patagonia Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche (Cerro Catedral) has the largest lift-accessed ski terrain in South America, approximately half of which is off-piste terrain. It offers one of the most impressive views of the Andes mountain range and it is definitely the epicenter of South American Skiing.

Carving high edge angle skiing in Italy
Carving high edge angle skiing in Italy
Carving high edge angle skiing in Italy

Exclusive Ski Lessons

Tailored programs specifically designed to meet your personal needs and achieve your goals. Either for your own or with friends or family. worldwide

Best instruction available in the market. Thorough and complete, yet progressive enough to be achievable fast.

Video-Analysis session on demand.

Photo shoot session upon request (with professional photographers)

Meeting points adapted to your convenience.

“The best skiers are able to switch and imitate any style or technique out there. They have a huge adaptability…”

Federico Wenzel Ski Instructor Argentina

Fede Wenzel Slalom turns Marilleva Trentino

“Because every turn counts…”

Reasons for Improving your Ski Technique

You get much less tired.ons worldwide

You ski safer and with more control.lessons worldwide

You can go faster, ski more miles and make the most out of the day.

You are able to ski more terrain & more difficult trails. The mountain gets bigger…

You look way much better in pictures…

And last but not least,

You enjoy skiing way more! Ski lessons worldwide

“Skiing is one of  the greatest uses of gravity on this planet…”

Fede Wenzel skiing high edge angle at apex of the turn

“Skiing is one of the only true lifelong family activities that exist and the early influence a great instructor has on new skiers is critical.
Quality instruction is the best thing can happen to the snowsports industry…

Federico Wenzel Ski Instructor Argentina

Hear From Our Clients

"In the 2020 winter season, I took ski lessons with Fede. Until then, I had only taken lessons once in my life and although I enjoyed the sport, I used to feel quite insecure.

My way of skiing changed completely after attending the clinics with him and I could even say I learned to ski almost from scratch. Among other things, I understood that being able to go down the mountain on skis isn't necessarily skiing. I learned from the very basic stuff to the more technical aspects and I was able to enjoy the speed and off-trail skiing as I never imagined.

Fede has a great passion for skiing and he knows how to pass it on, he does not hide anything he knows and his observations and corrections are accurate and professional. You can notice the dedication and preparation he puts into each lesson since he is always proposing key exercises to improve your technique.

I appreciate having him as an instructor and I hope to take lessons with Fede again because another thing I learned from him is that you can always keep improving."

Tatiana Fernández Santos

Patagonia, Argentina

"In August 2019 I spent some holidays in El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina. I decided I would try to do some alpine skiing in the Andes. Close to El Bolson is the ski resort Perito Moreno.
I went there, rented boots and skis, and saw the ski school, which is located just where you arrive on the slopes with the first lift. Here I was introduced to ski instructor Federico Wenzel or Fede, who would be my teacher for that day.
Fede soon got my confidence. We started on some gentle slopes. Fede skied ahead demonstrating techniques. He observed my skiing and corrected me. All very friendly and constructively. Fede is fluent in English, which helped whenever my poor Spanish was insufficient. Soon we could go down more inclined slopes and even some slightly icy ones.
I truly enjoyed my skiing with Fede. He is a great company and you feel safe that he does not take you out onto something that you can not match. Fede corrected me very constructively but in a very friendly way, a bit at a time, so I had time to practice and learn. I had a great day and asked Fede to continue being my ski instructor on the following day.
The next day we met and continued skiing together. From the very start it was very windy, which picked up to a real snow blizzard. For this however, we can not blame Fede, who continued with his good temper and smile. He took me safely down the slopes even with almost zero visibility. It was a great adventure for me!
For sure I will return to El Bolson and ski Perito Moreno. I will then ask for Fede to be my instructor. I can recommend Fede to anyone who wants to learn or improve his skiing. Fede, I believe, is very skillful and can also teach at a very advanced level. You will have a good time skiing with Fede."

Anders Hugo-Persson

Slagelse, Denmark

"After skiing all my life on my own, in the 2021 season, I took ski lessons with Fede and I can assure you that my skiing improved drastically. My skiing is no longer erratic, I started skiing conscientiously, getting rid of old bad habits, and progressing in my performance on the groomers.

Fede manages to transmit technical knowledge and passion for skiing. You learn about the fundamentals of good skiing and how they explain each technical aspect.

In his classes, you learn the how and why: from the body athletic stance to the technical aspects of the ski equipment, going through the different mountain and snow conditions, and the ski equipment, seeking to bear in mind all the factors that interact when we ski, to give as a result that pleasant sensation, feeling the skis and trying to control them more and more, so to be able to ski more effectively and more safely on each descent.

Without a doubt, Fede's lessons are recommended for anyone who wants to make the leap to advanced skiing. With him, you learn that you can always improve and enjoy skiing even more."

Guido Claro

El Bolsón, Argentina

“My main goal is to provide experiences to my students that will inspire a lifelong commitment to the sport. Help them develop a sense of comfort and belonging in the skiing activities…”

Federico Wenzel Ski Instructor Argentina

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